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Enhancements to Twelve Oaks Include Landscaping and Renovation of Buildings and Cottages

Glendale, CA (August 6, 2020) -- Twelve Oaks Foundation (TOF), which owns Twelve Oaks Senior Living, located in the quaint Montrose neighborhood of Glendale, CA, has entered into an affiliation with Episcopal Communities & Services for Seniors (ECS) headquartered in Monrovia, CA.

The announcement was made today by Rose Chan Loui, Board Chair of Twelve Oaks Foundation, and James Rothrock, President/CEO of Episcopal Communities and Services, who reported that the Board of Directors of both organizations approved the affiliation in support of their mission and vision to serve the senior community for the long term.

Rothrock states, “We’re enthusiastic that this union will result in great synergies that allow for the enhancement of the Twelve Oaks community and the creation of more moderately priced housing and service options for seniors in the Glendale and San Gabriel Valley areas.

“Twelve Oaks and ECS are nonprofit senior living communities, which ensure that surplus resources are reinvested in their campuses.”

Chan Loui adds, “Twelve Oaks Foundation’s board is proud to build on the legacy that began in the 1930s, when James and Effie Fifield donated their residence to provide a home for widows with moderate means. As stewards of the mission that the Fifields created, we are excited about the opportunities offered by our affiliation with ECS and believe we have found the perfect partner.

“Like Twelve Oaks, ECS is a charitable organization with a long history of serving seniors. We look forward to writing the next chapter of Twelve Oaks together and creating an even stronger and more dynamic community.”

Plans for the campus include enhancement of landscaping throughout the property and completion of the renovation of existing buildings, which will increase the number of available residences from 35 to 45.

Because Twelve Oaks Senior Living and ECS are non-profit senior living communities, they are committed to serving seniors of all socioeconomic means. The affiliation with Twelve Oaks further fulfills ECS’s mission regarding moderate income seniors.

  • Both organizations engage in fund development and with the affiliation, the Episcopal Communities & Services Foundation (ECSF) will accept designated donations for the Twelve Oaks community.

  • Twelve Oaks Foundation will establish a Benevolence Fund at ECSF for the purpose of assisting TOSL residents whose financial circumstances change and to establish programs to serve the senior community in the vicinity of Twelve Oaks Senior Living.

  • The family of volunteers at Twelve Oaks Senior Living has always been celebrated and will provide inspiration to the ECS family. We will continue to welcome volunteers, ensuring a kind and caring environment.

To ensure a smooth transition, the current management, provided by Northstar, will work with ECS management to provide administrative support for the foreseeable future. ECS is committed to retaining team members currently working at Twelve Oaks. These team members will enjoy the benefits and opportunities ECS offers. Corporate services, including executive leadership, marketing, risk management, human resources, information technology, accounting pastoral care, fund development and business development will be performed by ECS management personnel.

Twelve Oaks Senior Living is accepting reservations. For more information please call 747-255- 7272, or email Denise Gotto at DGotto@northstarsl.com or visit www.twelveoaksseniorliving.com.

About Twelve Oaks Senior Living:

Twelve Oaks has an illustrious past that has established deep roots in the quaint Montrose neighborhood of Glendale, CA, from the residents it has served over the years, the community support and activities it has been involved in, to the nearly 80 year-old oak trees that call the property home.

Twelve Oaks Lodge dates back to 1935, when James and Effie Fifield donated their 13-room home to the Verdugo Hills Sunshine Society for the purpose of providing a home for elderly women. National Charity League of Glendale has been involved with Twelve Oaks Lodge since the 1950s, initially providing funding and volunteer time, and eventually becoming the primary steward of the Foundation and the home. After ten years under management by another company, the home was closed in October 2013. NCL Glendale regained control of the Foundation in August 2015, and the Foundation was reconstituted with independent board members.

Twelve Oaks Senior Living currently accommodates up to 35 residents in independent and assisted living and, memory care is soon to come. Community amenities include a hair salon and library. Landscaped grounds with walking paths, a large outdoor patio shaded by oak trees, gardening beds, the original rose garden, and oak and fruit trees all provide a peaceful and tranquil environment for residents to socialize and to walk their pets.

About Episcopal Community & Services

Episcopal Communities & Services serves people of all faiths, ethnicities, affiliations and economic means. Our name reflects the legacy of our founding. Episcopal Communities & Services was established in 1923 by church leaders, including the Bishop Horsfall Johnson, to care for members of the Diocese of Los Angeles, many of whom had limited financial resources.

Established in 1923 to serve widows, ECS now provides housing and services to nearly 1,000 older women and men of all faiths and varying economic means living in six life plan and housing communities throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The rapid growth and increasing diversity of the older population in California drives ECS’s mission “To create exceptional communities and services for seniors.” ECS’s home office is located in Monrovia, CA.

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The Covington Helps Out with “Laundry Love”

“If I had clean clothes, I think people would treat me like a human being.” 

This statement was made by a homeless gentleman named T-Bone ten years ago in Ventura County. Since that time, a network of Laundry Love projects has been developed across the nation. Nonprofit groups concerned about those living in poverty partner with laundromat owners. Once a month, participants are invited to do their laundry for free. Volunteers provide detergent, quarters and company. Sometimes they even bring activities for the kids and snacks for all. 

This great project is alive and well in Lake Forest, CA, thanks in part to the generosity of Covington residents and the presence of Covington Chaplain, Fr. Rick Byrum. If you show up at the Sparklean Laundromat on the first Wednesday of the month, you will see upwards of 30 families waiting patiently to wash their clothes. On a recent Wednesday night, 150 loads of laundry were washed and many bags of donated clothing were distributed. There was also free pizza and dozens of candy-packed Easter eggs were distributed by volunteers. 

In Lake Forest, Laundry Love happens thanks to Randy Simmons, the parishioners of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Santa Margarita, and the generosity of Covington residents. Find a Laundry Love project near you at www.laundrylove.org or start one yourself.


By Your Side End-of-Life Vigil Companion Training Coming to a Community Near You

Does end-of-life care have relevance for you personally or professionally? If so, the By Your Side Vigil Companion training program will bring your understanding to a whole new level. The program trains and equips volunteers to serve as compassionate companions for those who are at the end of life. The 5-week, 10 hour course covers the practical medical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of the end-of-life process. It provides participants with the knowledge and support needed to be with those approaching the end of life, while respecting all religious or spiritual beliefs. Volunteers serve in hospitals, care centers and senior-living communities, as well as in their congregations and even in their own families, so that no one who desires a companion dies alone. This year, trainings will be held at The Canterbury, The Covington, MonteCedro and several public venues. For more information, contact Susan Brown at sbrown@ecsforseniors.org.

This is What Affordable Housing with Services Looks Like

At six affordable senior communities in southern California, ECS and Creative Housing & Services are providing programs that focus on the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of 500 residents. In this setting, the average income is $854 per month, one-third of which is paid in rent.

If you happen to live in one of these communities, you may have your day cut out for you! Should you go to the Music & Movement class, where the friends are as fun as the moves? Or is it Tuesday, when you will board the van and head to the children’s center where you can help at the craft table or hold a sleeping baby?

In addition to fitness and inter-generational activities, you can choose from a crowded calendar of on-site offerings.

  • Take a wellness class for help with chronic illness
  • Have your sense of balance assessed
  • Join the tile painting class or make a potluck dish
  • Pick up some low-cost produce at Healthy Harvest Market
  • Join the Mediation and Journaling class
  • Help salvage denim: volunteer with Sole Hope
  • Have your eyes examined by the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic
  • Have your blood pressure checked without leaving home

As older adults, many of us are challenged by fixed incomes, health obstacles and isolation. But, thanks to a collaborative approach and a commitment to giving back, this is what aging-in-place looks like in the affordable senior living communities managed by ECS and Creative Housing & Services.

Residents Cut Up with Sole Hope

If you think Uganda is far away, think again. Residents at four ECS communities have had Ugandan children on their minds as they gather to trace and cut patterns out of denim for the Sole Hope project. The sets of denim pieces are later sent to Uganda, where local workers use them to make shoes for children. In this region, those who don’t have shoes experience a high incidence of debilitating foot infections that prevent them from living active lives. In addition to providing shoes, Sole Hope partners with local medical teams to treat the infections caused by jiggers and mites, and to teach families the basics of wound care and how to disinfect their homes.

“It’s fun to get together and do something to help kids. In this case, we don’t even have to leave home and we enjoy some good fellowship in the process,” said Canterbury resident Lucille Poole. We learned about Sole Hope from Ruthanne Miller, a resident at St. John’s Manor in Costa Mesa. The project was piloted at St. John’s but quickly spread to other ECS communities, including The Covington in Aliso Viejo, The Canterbury in Rancho Palos Verdes and Casa de los Amigos in Redondo Beach. Find out more at www.solehope.org.



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