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MonteCedro Senior Living in Altadena: A Sustainable, Innovative Approach to Independent Living and Wellbeing.

From Pasadena Outlook

March 25, 2021

A new framework for collaboration between MonteCedro Senior Living and Arbis Rojas MD, Medical Director at MonteCedro and Board-Certified Geriatrician, will foster greater vision in Senior Living Medicine and Remote Client Technology for the foreseeable future. Our partnership achieves better medical outcomes to serve the most common needs in Independent Senior Living. The agreement will allow for a collaborative exchange of ideas between MonteCedro Wellness staff and the medical establishment to foster enduring independence and leverage innovation to facilitate the highest quality of life in retirement community living.

We asked Dr. Rojas to provide his perspective on this integrative program:

At MonteCedro Senior Living, I see firsthand the collaborate effort of the Wellness Center to address efficiently and promptly the health concerns of our residents and their family members. A collective effort by MonteCedro staff members is continuously ongoing to better understand the various medical and social determinants of health, and to present these findings to our interdisciplinary team. Often this team includes the social worker, wellness nurses, physical therapist, caregivers, the chaplain and the Medical Director. Collaboration is central to our mission to enhance independence and quality care. Remote video technologies have allowed us to meet with family members online to discuss various goals related to advance care planning, cognitive decline, frailty, hospitalizations and overall safety. I am excited about the many possibilities of the growing partnership between MonteCedro Retirement Living and Geriatric Medicine. Bringing together the  nest compassionate and experienced nurses and medical personnel to share their insights and complementary expertise has opened new possibilities for accountability, coordination of care, and delivery of solutions for any concerns that family members may have. It invigorates me and my team to actively contribute to the future in onsite healthcare for senior living communities in Southern California.

What do we see for the future in retirement living health services? Remote Client Monitoring (RCM) is the most promising innovation available to achieve the highest quality of care and facilitate independence. RCM delivers scientific, evidence-based intervention to proactively improve patient outcomes. I already see efforts at MonteCedro leveraging innovation to improve quality of life and independence for our residents. For example, prompt electronic notifications are delivered to physician offices, followed by an immediate call notification by the nursing desk at MonteCedro Wellness Center. Our medical clinic takes great pride in responding immediately to urgent concerns with same-day follow-up response, and at times, in-home 24-hour follow-up visits when deemed necessary. The Geriatric clinic at Arbis Rojas MD Inc. brings together an intellectual hub that includes Jose Freyre and Almicar Ramirez. Jose serves as Resource Liaison to bridge communication and understanding between families and providers. Almicar is the care administrator. He trains care-partners and serves as patient advocate.

Serving the Elder Community is often diminished due to the fragmentation of the healthcare system. Identifying and addressing all the nuances in our approach ensures quality outcomes for you and your loved ones. We strive to gain your trust by leveraging a multidisciplinary approach to ensure we meet MonteCedro Senior Living’s highest standard. Recent advances in systems and procedures have brought new invigoration to our industry and reconfirms our confidence in our collective expertise and shared accountability. The advanced, holistic services and amenities at MonteCedro make it the state-of-the-art location for Seniors in Altadena.


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