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COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin at MonteCedro

Pasadena Outlook

Residents and staff of MonteCedro, an assisted and independent living facility in Altadena, have reason to celebrate this month. The first batch of COVID-19 vaccinations has arrived. After a trying year for all, Kris Hillary, a registered nurse, says she is feeling especially grateful and optimistic.

“I’ve been inspired by our residents’ positive spirit during this difficult time and am proud of our staff’s dedication and commitment to everyone’s safety. Brighter days are ahead,” she said in a news release.

Hope is a shared emotion, and news of the vaccine allowed people to start thinking about life beyond quarantine.

Kathy, a resident at MonteCedro said, “I am thrilled. It is a beautiful first day for a new start.” Her husband Tom added, “I am a lot more relaxed (and) relieved. Hoping for herd immunity here at MonteCedro. Welcome to the herd!” Shirley, a long-time resident, says that the arrival of the vaccine is “making us feel 21 again!”

MonteCedro senior living in Pasadena provides opportunities to thrive, and the idea of getting back to a semblance of normal has invigorated everyone. Pat, a newer resident to MonteCedro captures the prevailing sentiment. “We feel uplifted.”

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