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Twelve Oaks Senior Living and Episcopal Communities & Services for Seniors Form Alliance to Expand Housing Services

Glendale, CA (August 6, 2020) — Twelve Oaks Foundation (TOF), which owns Twelve Oaks Senior Living, located in the quaint Montrose neighborhood of Glendale, CA, has entered into an affiliation with Episcopal Communities & Services for Seniors (ECS) headquartered in Monrovia, CA.

The announcement was made today by Rose Chan Loui, Board Chair of Twelve Oaks Foundation, and James Rothrock, President/CEO of Episcopal Communities and Services, who reported that the Board of Directors of both organizations approved the affiliation in support of their mission and vision to serve the senior community for the long term.

Rothrock states, “We’re enthusiastic that this union will result in great synergies that allow for the enhancement of the Twelve Oaks community and the creation of more moderately priced housing and service options for seniors in the Glendale and San Gabriel Valley areas.

“Twelve Oaks and ECS are nonprofit senior living communities, which ensure that surplus resources are reinvested in their campuses.”

Chan Loui adds, “Twelve Oaks Foundation’s board is proud to build on the legacy that began in the 1930s, when James and Effie Fifield donated their residence to provide a home for widows with moderate means. As stewards of the mission that the Fifields created, we are excited about the opportunities offered by our affiliation with ECS and believe we have found the perfect partner.

“Like Twelve Oaks, ECS is a charitable organization with a long history of serving seniors. We look forward to writing the next chapter of Twelve Oaks together and creating an even stronger and more dynamic community.”

Plans for the campus include enhancement of landscaping throughout the property and completion of the renovation of existing buildings, which will increase the number of available residences from 35 to 45.

Because Twelve Oaks Senior Living and ECS are non-profit senior living communities, they are committed to serving seniors of all socioeconomic means. The affiliation with Twelve Oaks further fulfills ECS’s mission regarding moderate income seniors.

  • Both organizations engage in fund development and with the affiliation, the Episcopal Communities & Services Foundation (ECSF) will accept designated donations for the Twelve Oaks community.
  • Twelve Oaks Foundation will establish a Benevolence Fund at ECSF for the purpose of assisting TOSL residents whose financial circumstances change and to establish programs to serve the senior community in the vicinity of Twelve Oaks Senior Living.
  • The family of volunteers at Twelve Oaks Senior Living has always been celebrated and will provide inspiration to the ECS family. We will continue to welcome volunteers, ensuring a kind and caring environment.

To ensure a smooth transition, the current management, provided by Northstar, will work with ECS management to provide administrative support for the foreseeable future. ECS is committed to retaining team members currently working at Twelve Oaks. These team members will enjoy the benefits and opportunities ECS offers. Corporate services, including executive leadership, marketing, risk management, human resources, information technology, accounting pastoral care, fund development and business development will be performed by ECS management personnel.

Twelve Oaks Senior Living is accepting reservations. For more information please call 747-255- 7272, or email Denise Gotto at [email protected] or visit

About Twelve Oaks Senior Living:

Twelve Oaks has an illustrious past that has established deep roots in the quaint Montrose neighborhood of Glendale, CA, from the residents it has served over the years, the community support and activities it has been involved in, to the nearly 80 year-old oak trees that call the property home.

Twelve Oaks Lodge dates back to 1935, when James and Effie Fifield donated their 13-room home to the Verdugo Hills Sunshine Society for the purpose of providing a home for elderly women. National Charity League of Glendale has been involved with Twelve Oaks Lodge since the 1950s, initially providing funding and volunteer time, and eventually becoming the primary steward of the Foundation and the home. After ten years under management by another company, the home was closed in October 2013. NCL Glendale regained control of the Foundation in August 2015, and the Foundation was reconstituted with independent board members.

Twelve Oaks Senior Living currently accommodates up to 35 residents in independent and assisted living and, memory care is soon to come. Community amenities include a hair salon and library. Landscaped grounds with walking paths, a large outdoor patio shaded by oak trees, gardening beds, the original rose garden, and oak and fruit trees all provide a peaceful and tranquil environment for residents to socialize and to walk their pets.

About Episcopal Community & Services

Episcopal Communities & Services serves people of all faiths, ethnicities, affiliations and economic means. Our name reflects the legacy of our founding. Episcopal Communities & Services was established in 1923 by church leaders, including the Bishop Horsfall Johnson, to care for members of the Diocese of Los Angeles, many of whom had limited financial resources.

Established in 1923 to serve widows, ECS now provides housing and services to nearly 1,000 older women and men of all faiths and varying economic means living in six life plan and housing communities throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The rapid growth and increasing diversity of the older population in California drives ECS’s mission “To create exceptional communities and services for seniors.” ECS’s home office is located in Monrovia, CA.


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