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We're proud launch our new video, which tells the story of the joy, connection, and safety continuing at our communities through recent challenging times.

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Why MonteCedro?

Our residents say it best. We appreciate that moving to a new home and community is a major decision. Here is what some of the folks who were once where you are, have to say.

“I am glad we moved in sooner, rather than later.”

– Wendy Shiba & Larry Pittman, MonteCedro Residents

  “The apartments are very spacious, the employees are so helpful and the restaurants have so many choices! My husband and I were looking for a retirement place we could call home and MonteCedro has turned out to be the perfect choice.”

– Cissy and Daniel B., MonteCedro Residents

  “My son and daughter-in-law said they wish they had this for all ages, after having drinks at Station 8 and New Year’s Eve dinner at Marcell’s. We’re all going to grow old, but now I look forward to doing it in style with all that’s available here…exercise, eating well and socializing. I have so much now that I wouldn’t have or do if I lived by myself. This is far beyond what I expected.”

– Kate B., MonteCedro Resident

  “At first I didn’t think moving to a community was for me. I thought, ‘Oh, I can stay in this house.’ But you’re always worrying about the plumber and the electrician….It would be nice to let somebody else worry about that! Also, its location is perfect. It’s close to everything. It’s convenient. The most important thing is not having the worries of a home. When you own a house, there’s always something going wrong. Living here is easier on your children, too—your family won’t worry as much!”

– Joan Bull, MonteCedro Resident

  “We want the services, facilities, and conveniences of a retirement community. The unique opportunity of MonteCedro accelerated our plans. First, its location: It’s very rare to see this type of development in L.A. County. Second, the large floor plans are a big draw. Next, the flexibility in dining: We like to cook and go out to eat. We don’t want to pay for meals we’re not going to eat. At MonteCedro, we’re not locked in. And then there’s the Creative Living concept: MonteCedro offers intellectually challenging programs that will be of interest to us. People say to me, ‘Aren’t you too young to be doing this?’ But that’s an advantage. People often say they waited too long. They missed out on the things they could be enjoying now. Do it now, without the disruption that comes with moving later in life!”

– Wendy Shiba & Larry Pittman, MonteCedro Residents

  “This place provides a home-like environment. I highly recommend this retirement center; the staff’s friendliness creates a warm and welcoming environment. It’s truly a unique place that surpasses any other retirement center because of the positive atmosphere and care provided.”

– Angie G, Google Review

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