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Our Residents Are Looking Even Better.

We're proud launch our new video, which tells the story of the joy, connection, and safety continuing at our communities through recent challenging times.

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  • Waiter setting a personal pizza down on a table.

Inspired dining for the
tastefully discerning palate.

Creative dining choices that please the senses.

Here at MonteCedro, you’re free to cook and entertain at home in your fabulous full kitchen…or you can choose to be served and surprised by the daily specials at any of our three distinctive on-campus venues. Our gourmet dining choices are the best of all the senior living communities is Pasadena.


Your very own on-campus gourmet restaurant for fine dining with service by professional waitstaff.

off Lake Bistro

Deliciously casual, grab-n-go or sit and visit.  It’s the place to be.

Station 8

Meet up with new friends and neighbors or entertain lifelong ones over cocktails and seasonal bites

Culinary Programs

Featured Weekly Chef Specials

Right before your eyes, watch our culinary staff slice, dice, sauté and sizzle as they prepare your meal to your specifications.

Chef Demos

Learn our chefs’ tricks, techniques, and new food trends, and take new and healthy ideas back to your own kitchen. These educational events are fascinating to watch. And everyone enjoys tasting the delicious results.

Farm-to-Table Events

We believe in supporting our local farmers. Not only does it keep us truly rooted in the community and help sustain local agriculture, it provides residents of MonteCedro with the freshest fruits and vegetables that retain the highest levels of nutrients.

Celebrity Chef Visits

We love special guests who bring their specialties to us! Join us  and be inspired, entertained, and thoroughly delighted.

A Meal in the Life

Enjoy monthly cultural celebrations of cuisine from around the world. Experience a variety of new flavors and styles, as well as familiar global favorites. We’re always cooking up new ways to add zest to life. Travel the world with us—all you need is silverware and an appetite for adventure.

Responsibly sourced. Deliciously prepared.

  1. We buy hormone-free poultry and beef that is USDA Choice or better.
  2. We are guided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to help us select seafood that’s responsibly managed and caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife.
  3. We buy local as much as possible, for the freshest fruits and vegetables that retain the highest levels of nutrients, as well as to support local farmers, producers and our economy.

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