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Our Residents Are Looking Even Better.

We're proud launch our new video, which tells the story of the joy, connection, and safety continuing at our communities through recent challenging times.

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Virtual Series – Delight the Senses

Virtual Series – Delight the Senses

Join us for one or all of the webinars in this three-part series entitled “Delight the Senses.”  Register for each below.

Please note: these events are webinars, which means attendee cameras and microphones will be turned off. Chat will be available for submitting questions.

April 21, 2021

Delight the Senses – Episode 1 Taste with Chef Mike

Join Chef Mike Desimone for an online exploration into the power of taste.

One of our greatest pleasures is good food. But how does our sense of taste function? Executive Chef Mike DeSimone of The Covington will explore with us the various flavor profiles we enjoy as we eat. He’ll teach us how we sense each one of them and demonstrate how to weave them together for delectable meals. With over 30 years of culinary experience working with foods from around the world, Chef Mike will share his expertise and explain the cultural aspects of taste.

Register below to join us for this epicurean event!

Don’t miss this captivating exploration into the elements that make up the tastes we love.

May 18, 2021

Delight the Senses – Episode 2 Sound with Sunni McBride, Au.D.

Latest Advances in Audiology and Hearing Care with Melinda “Sunni” McBride, AuD. from South Bay Hearing. Take this opportunity to spend an hour with Dr. Sunni McBride of South Bay Hearing as she presents to us the latest state-of-the-art hearing technologies. She’ll provide valuable information to help us safeguard our hearing as we age and teach us how to support cognitive function through healthy hearing.

June 22, 2021

Delight the Senses – Episode 3 Sight with Magician Harrison Kramer

Before your very eyes magician & mentalist Harrison Kramer captivates and astonishes both sight and mind. His performances leave audiences excited with fascination and wonder. Put your eyes to the test as we attempt to follow his sleight-of-hand together!

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