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June 29, 2022

The Spirit of the Fourth of July

“Where we live is who we are.”
~ Unknown

July Fourth marks the founding of our nation and celebrates the American spirit.

At its essence, America is a place where people come together as a community so they can thrive as individuals. Like a Native American tepee, our country’s strength lies in its construction, the whole being stronger than its parts.

The spirit of the Fourth of July has long held inspiration for ECS, and our principles are on display every day in our communities. We have a century’s worth of expertise delivering exceptional senior independent living in Los Angeles and the best senior living in Orange County. Here, you will find the choices you deserve, the freedoms you desire, and flexibility you can count on, empowering you to craft life the way you want.

It starts with Community

Good friends and neighbors are an important part of living well. When we spend time with others, share our stories, and support each other in our endeavors, we become stronger as a community, and as individuals.

Calling an ECS community home means having the space and place to pursue your passions, surrounded by like-minded individuals who embrace all that active, senior living has to offer. When you feel connected, you feel at home.

Choice, Freedom, and Flexibility

As the author of your life, you get to write your own story. Having a wide variety of options allows you to live it on your terms and be the individual you want to be. Independence is about having the right choices.

Just as America celebrates the individual, so does ECS – what is best for you is yours to decide. We see you for the unique individual you are. This freedom means enjoying a life as rich and varied as you are.

Change is inevitable but principles are enduring. Having the choice and freedom that ECS communities offer ensures you have the flexibility to create the future you want – because life is what you make it.

Our Independence

This Fourth of July, family, friends, and neighbors will once again gather to share in the joy and pride of being American. Our nation is blessed with so many things worth celebrating – incredible natural beauty, an inspirational set of ideals, and the freedom to be the best we can be.

At ECS, we are proud to be a part of this great country we call home.


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