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May 18, 2022

The Art of Possibility

For a century, ECS has been at the forefront of serving seniors in Southern California. From our Episcopalian roots in the early 1920s to today, we have continually delivered on one profound commitment – to create exceptional communities and services for seniors.

This commitment has become our mission and shapes the work we do each day, ensuring:

  • Residents feel proud of where and how they live.
  • Families trust in the homes we provide for their loved ones.
  • Our team is inspired in their roles.
  • Through outreach and volunteerism, we support the greater community.

We have learned a lot over the last 100 years and there are many facets to our collective success. The foundation of our longevity is a ‘resident lead, staff supported’ philosophy that encourages life-long learning and proactive wellness.

As our organization moves into its second century, we are faced with new challenges and new opportunities. The lessons learned over the last century are both our compass and our inspiration. While change is inevitable, our purpose, commitment, and nonprofit status remain the same.

A New Look for a New Century

You may have already noticed some changes in our communities. Signage, stationery, and uniforms are being updated, emails have a new look and feel, and our website is getting refreshed. Anchoring this change is a bright new logo.

As you can see, the new logo brings consistency in how the ECS brand is reflected across all our senior life plan/continuing care retirement and residential care communities in Southern California. While each community has its own unique qualities, we are all operating with the same purpose of heart.


The Foundations of our Brand

Our values have always been a cornerstone of our communities. With this brand refresh, we have consolidated the number of values from eight to five. The spirit and meaning of the original values, however, remain the same.

  • Brave: We do the right thing with transparency and honesty.
  • Compassion: We open our hearts to others.
  • Inclusive: We celebrate everyone from every faith.
  • Respectful: We appreciate and honor individuality.
  • Imaginative: We view the world with fresh eyes and embrace innovation.

These refined values clearly delineate each belief while continuing to inspire action.

Our Commitment to You

Our brand and its values are built on four commitments that we deliver every day.

  • Choice: Residents are seen for the individual they are.
  • Creativity: Our holistic philosophy enables residents to live beyond their daily needs.
  • Confidence: We proudly bring a century’s worth of community living expertise.
  • Connection: Community is at the heart of all we do.

These commitments are the foundation of our new brand expression:

“We open the door to a life full of possibility.”

Our new brand conveys the values and vibrancy of our communities and everyone who calls them home. We open the door to a life full of possibility. Here, you will find the choices you deserve, the freedoms you desire, and the flexibility you can count on.

The ‘art of possibility’ lives within all of us.

James Rothrock, President and CEO of ECS

About us

Founded on four commitments – choice, creativity, confidence, and connection – ECS provides relaxed, maintenance-free, resort-style living in beautiful, continuing care, retirement community settings in Southern California.

Celebrating 100 years of exceptional services for seniors. Proudly non-profit. Contact us today to learn more.


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