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January 4, 2022

Senior Living Simplified

Five steps for a happier, healthier 2022

The end of another year brings an opportunity to both reflect and look forward. Recent months have reminded us of the importance of making good choices. For seniors, now more than ever, an active, vibrant lifestyle is within reach. With a little bit of planning and a few simple resolutions, a life full of possibility is…possible.

Since 1923, ECS has been dedicated to one purpose – creating exceptional communities and services for seniors. This experience has given us insight into the how to create a life that allows you flourish. Founded on four basic human needs – choice, creativity, confidence, and connection – our philosophy provides the freedom and flexibility to help you be your very best.

Here are five simple ideas that can make a profound difference.

1. Be Proactive

Your tomorrow reflects the choices you make today. Nobody has a crystal ball, but a thoughtful approach can help you navigate the road of life and even avoid a few potholes along the way. As much as we want things to always stay the same, change is inevitable. Embracing this change is more than just acceptance, it is about giving yourself choices, the kind that only come when you plan for your future.

2. Practice Healthy Habits

For seniors, making good choices is an investment – it is not about taking the fun out of life, it is so you can continue to have fun. Your environment, the company you keep, your diet, and personal care all help you be your best. Start your morning right – choose food that provides the energy you need for the day. Put on something nice – when you look good, you feel good. Plan your social life – visit a friend, go for lunch, join a group. Make time for yourself – read, paint, study, reflect. Take care of yourself – you deserve it. Your family and friends will admire and appreciate it too.

3. Keep Moving

The human body is an amazing, finely tuned feat of engineering. Capable of power, grace and dexterity, our bodies are both sensitive and strong, but they need our help. Staying active is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially as you age. The key to success is incorporating movement with something you love doing. If you like dancing, take lessons or join an aerobic step class. If you enjoy walking and the outdoors, join a bird club or hiking group. If you cherish quiet, peaceful moments, take a yoga class. Daily activity will improve your circulation, maintain your flexibility, and may even help you sleep better.

4. Embrace Lifelong Learning

Our brains need to be maintained. As children, we seem to absorb everything. As we age though, learning is something we must actively practice. Staying mentally sharp and emotionally curious is as much about keeping your independence as it is about increasing your knowledge. Choose to learn something new on a regular basis. Attend a lecture, read a book, join a class – there is so much in this world to discover. Embracing lifelong learning is about embracing possibility. It is never too late.

5. Stay Connected

We are social beings. As such, maintaining an active, vibrant community of friends is a vital part of our overall wellbeing. Friendships are about maintaining a connection – to others and ourselves. We celebrate with each other during times of joy and are there for each other when times are difficult. In the end, sharing our laughter and our tears keeps us emotionally healthy, young at heart, and ready for the next chapter in our life.


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