Our Residents Are Looking Even Better.

We're proud launch our new video, which tells the story of the joy, connection, and safety continuing at our communities through recent challenging times.

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Why The Covington?

Our residents say it best. We appreciate that making a move to a continuing care retirement community is a major decision. Here are the views of some who were once where you are; and soon, we hope you will be where they are.

“The minute I stepped through the door…
I knew this was a happy place.”

– Mary Lam, Covington Resident

  “Why do I enjoy living at The Covington? It’s the people! I enjoy the fine facilities, the many activities, and the fine food. But what makes The Covington unique are the friendly, concerned, compassionate people that make up our community.”

– Eliot P, Covington Resident

  “I’m single and perfectly able to live on my own. But, on my own I wasn’t doing the things that I love to do – symphony, musical theater, plays, educational trips, and travel. Since I moved to The Covington a year ago that void has been wonderfully filled. In just the past month we’ve been to the Pageant of the Masters, Phantom of the Opera, and watched a video concert under the stars. Next month visits to the Griffith Park observatory and San Diego Zoo are on the calendar. We go out to interesting restaurants and dine in with fascinating people. I love it!”

– Sarah H, Covington Resident

  “The minute I stepped in through the door, everyone was so friendly. The first time I visited, I saw a group of residents in the Bistro, talking and laughing. I knew this was a happy place. The staff are always thinking of us and our needs, there are a variety of outings and so many in house activities to enjoy. I also love strolling the walking path, the grounds are beautifully landscaped.”

– Mary L, Covington Resident

  “When we moved to The Covington almost six years ago, I knew I was getting security, housekeeping, fine dining, events and activities, fitness, transportation and all the things that would make my life easier. What I didn’t expect was the sense of real community, genuine care, and friendship. We are just the right size for that; a larger community would not be inclined to this affiliation and connection that has been so meaningful to us.”

– Covington Resident

  “I have lived at the Covington for 15 years. I moved in with my husband who had lost his sight and my father moved into the adjacent apartment. It has made all our lives so much easier, no grocery shopping, no more cooking. Housekeeping & laundry taken care of weekly. It was such a blessing. As a young girl I had always dreamt of living in a hotel. Believe me, life at The Covington is great. Here you make friends, we have amazing care staff to assist with your needs, interesting outings, concerts, and lots of activities. We have a Chaplain. It’s a very happy and friendly community with practically everything you could possibly need.”

– Margaret S, Covington Resident

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