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Our Residents Are Looking Even Better.

We're proud launch our new video, which tells the story of the joy, connection, and safety continuing at our communities through recent challenging times.

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Creative Living Academy

Discover The Art of Creative Living.

Every day at The Covington is brand-new and can unfold in countless ways. Start each day with the beauty of the Saddleback Mountains, the serenity of our secluded location, and the vibrancy of our award-winning interior design.

This beautiful canvas serves as a backdrop to explore Creative Living, a philosophy that creates and drives the culture of our community for residents and staff. Any way you decide to spend your day, you’ll have plenty of educational, cultural and social options from which to choose. Our resort-like campus provides superb settings, services and amenities for growth, self-expression and enjoyment including:

  • The Grandview gourmet restaurant

  • The Cove bistro

  • The Grandview Lounge

  • Schumacher Hall & Concert Series

  • Secret Garden & Koi Pond

  • Creative Living Academy

  • Spa & Salon

  • New Fitness Center

  • Margaret’s Pavilion

  • Art Studio

  • Woodshop


And you’ll enjoy these unique experiences even more, knowing you’ve planned well and have all the health care and wellness services you may need, right here on our campus.

Learn more about The Covington, for a life in which you’ll revel!

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The Creative Living Academy: Bringing unique synergy to life each and every day.

The most expansive lifelong learning program in South Orange County.

At The Covington, Creative Living isn’t just about being creative with paint, clay, wood or words. It’s about continuing to grow and continuing to live the life you want to live—exploring new ways of enjoying the things you love to do and discovering brand new passions and interests.


Attend. Teach. Lead. Advise. Explore. STRETCH

Studies show that self-determination improves wellness and does immeasurable good for the mind, body and spirit. When you become part of The Covington community of vibrant neighbors and new friends, we won’t plan your calendar for you. Instead, we’ll ask you “What do you want to do?” And if your idea has never been done before, we’re ready to help you make it happen!

The Creative Living Academy Vision

The Covington Creative Living Academy will deliver diverse and stimulating opportunities for lifelong learning, growth, and fulfillment in an accessible atmosphere that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful to all. To provide educational, cultural, and recreational offerings, we will harness the wealth of knowledge, talent, and experience of our residents, and collaborate with our partners and resources in the greater community.

What is The Creative Living Academy?

A lifelong learning model driven by residents, supported by staff, and enhanced by partnerships with a growing list of other leading non-profit community organizations.

  • A volunteer group of resident Advisors who assist the development and oversight of the Academy.
  • Diverse catalog of trimester offerings:
    • An ever-changing variety of lectures, classes, workshops, trips, tours, interest discussion groups, and other special events
  • Capitalizes on the “extensive human capital” of talents and life experiences of the residents who live in our community
    • Residents of The Covington are encouraged to be our teachers and facilitators

The Creative Living Academy History

Inspired at a national conference in 2014, Episcopal Communities & Services returned with a new vision to further enrich the Creative Living lifestyle for ECS Communities. The intent was to launch a lifelong learning model driven by residents, supported by staff, and enhanced by the greater community. In early 2015, the Creative Living Academy was named, and a volunteer group of advisors was formed to advise on the development and oversight of the Creative Living Academy’s learning model.

In order to better determine the level of interest in participation and subject matter, future residents were surveyed in areas of interest including arts and culture, health and wellness, history, current events, science, and other creative pursuits. During the summer of 2015, the advisors used this information to help coordinate an academy catalog filled with lectures, classes, presentations, workshops, trips, tours, interest discussion groups, wellness offerings, and other special events. Speakers, presenters, and instructors were identified and scheduled and the first Creative Living Academy catalog was published for the fall of 2015.

On behalf of the Creative Living Academy Advisors, we thank you for your support and guidance in creating this new and inspired educational model for our community.

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