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Our Residents Are Looking Even Better.

We're proud launch our new video, which tells the story of the joy, connection, and safety continuing at our communities through recent challenging times.

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Donors & Partners

Donors & Partners

It is through the considerate gifts given by donors that the Episcopal Communities & Services Foundation is able to help so many.

Megan Cooper. Board Member

Following a 35 year career in nonprofit leadership, including 25 years as the Executive Director of Executive Service Corps, Megan Cooper continues her commitment to nonprofit success. Executive Service Corps vision is to make nonprofits successful so that communities themselves thrive. And someone like Megan carriers that vision forth, creating success and achievement, strengthening nonprofit work and community success.

Megan came to The Sophie Miller Foundation through the By Your Side program. Knowing she wanted to be actively involved in community work, By Your Side offered her way to participate in community, a path to caring for others. By Your Side trains and equips volunteers to serve as compassionate companions for those nearing the end of life. Through this program Megan was introduced to the Foundation. And with her strong background and insights, Megan was soon recruited for the Sophie Miller Foundation.

Seven years after starting with By Your Side, Megan continues to be actively involved in the Foundation, serving as a Board member and offering time and nonprofit expertise. Megan’s commitment clearly matches the mission of the Foundation, “…pioneering spirit lives on through supportive services and outreach programs made possible by our generous donors.”

Thank you Megan for continuing to lead.

Sharon Pewtress, Current ECS employee

Sharon Pewtress has been an employee of Episcopal Communities & Services (ECS) since 2013. Currently she is the Vice President for Strategic Development, working tirelessly on creating partnerships for more affordable housing communities.

Sharon is passionate about philanthropy and mentorship. As a generous donor to our SAFE (Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies) fund, she has seen the positive change the fund can make to ECS employees in need. She believes in making a meaningful impact, while inspiring others to exceed their own expectations. Promoting innovation and encouraging collaboration, she wants to enhance the lives of residents and staff.

Sharon practices work-life balance, travelling near and far with friends and family, enjoying many fond memories.

We are proud to have Sharon support our programs. We are grateful for her generosity.

Pasadena After Hours Rotary

Community Partner

On Wednesday November 30, the Pasadena After Hours Rotary assembled 89 emergency preparedness kits for residents at the housing community, Heritage Square Senior Living Apartments in Pasadena, a partner of ECS and the Sophie Miller Foundation.

We are grateful for the $3,000 grant, in addition to the 740 canned goods and 40 liters of water to be used for an emergency pantry. Everyone agreed this couldn’t have come at a better time in light of the recent fires in California. Backpacks were filled with ready to eat meal packs, flashlights, first aid kits, solar blankets and other items useful in an emergency situation. We are overwhelmed by the support of the Rotarians.

The Pasadena After Hours Rotary members make a huge impact in the community They live by their mission: service above self.

Emergency Preparedness Backpacks

The Nancy and Richard Flores Scholarship

Nancy and Richard Flores, current MonteCedro residents

Dedicated to family and education…

Richard and Nancy Flores share a passion for family, community and education. Two years ago the Flores moved from Palo Alto, California to MonteCedro bringing them closer to their 8 great-grandchildren.

Richard is a member of the MonteCedro Board and, with Nancy, is a strong advocate for charities supporting education. They are annual contributors to the Employee Education Fund of the Sophie Miller Foundation, establishing The Nancy and Richard Flores Education Scholarship Fund.

Given each year to MonteCedro employees who want to pursue education outside the workplace, these funds have helped countless students work towards their goals of higher education.

The Sophie Miller Foundation, which administers the Employee Education Fund, is grateful for the generosity of donors.

We are proud to salute Richard and Nancy for their commitment.


For the endowed scholarship supporters, and their generosity to others:

  • Dorothea & Edwin Barnes Scholarship
  • Harold Cook Memorial Scholarship
  • Diana & Jim Doyle Scholarship
  • Nancy & Richard Flores Scholarship
  • S. Gemmell Scholarship
  • Ellen Hocking-Keeler Scholarship
  • MonteCedro Employee Endowment
  • Louise O’Flaherty Scholarship
  • Herman Osten Scholarship
  • Marge & Sherman Telleen Scholarship
  • Jane Wilson Scholarship

The Covington Rose Garden Donors

Residents of the Covington

When you visit The Covington, you’re in for a treat! A beautiful display of roses, known as The Covington Rose Garden, welcomes you, and we have our resident donors to thank for this eye-appealing gift. The Foundation recently received over $3,000 in donations for The Covington Rose Garden.

First established in 2004, The Covington Rose Garden has ‘blossomed’ to become the jewel of the community. Residents purchase a rose bush for $50; the rose package includes a marker with the rose’s name and the name of the owner, or is often the case, a sweet tribute to a loved one. The rose garden is maintained by The Covington landscape crew, although many residents garden themselves to deadhead the roses when needed be. And a special rose garden book in the library shares the details of all 60 roses and their locations.

Winona Walton, the head of the Landscaping Committee is thrilled with the recent interest in the rose garden. Winona shares how delighted she is when visitors arrive at The Covington, she enthusiastically exclaims “Enjoy the delightful smells of our roses!”

The ECS Foundation appreciates the generosity of those supporting The Covington Rose Garden, and please, stop and smell the roses!

The Ida Lee Open Arms Fund

Ida Lee, former Covington resident leaving behind a legacy of kindness…

The Ida Lee Open Arms Fund was established to honor former Covington resident Ida Lee. Many will tell you Mrs. Lee had a big smile and an even bigger personality. She would reach out and welcome new residents, helping them adjust to life at The Covington and becoming their friend. Mrs. Lee enjoyed lunch and dinner dates, and learning everyone’s name, leaving behind a legacy of kindness.

With the help of the Sophie Miller Foundation, each new resident will be receive a welcome bag with an invitation to the new resident welcome luncheon at The Covington all of which is made possible by The Ida Lee Open Arms Fund. Mrs. Lee’s family would say she never ran out of room in her heart and this is her lasting gift.

We are honored to share Mrs. Lee’s legacy with you and thankful to her family and friends for their generous hearts.

Our Partners

We are grateful for the generosity of our partners:

Thank you for caring about the lives of seniors.

Roll Call of Gratitude

The Episcopal Communities & Services Foundation recognizes donors who have generously given to support the needs of many.  The Foundation funds employee education, benevolence, music and memory, affordable housing and more, because you cared.

Thank you for giving…


Aaron Kennedy

Agustinus Tjitrahadi

Akira Matsuoka

Al and Harriet Koch

Alice Evans

Alice Okuno

Allen Mathies

Allen and Pat Curtis


Amber Christ

Andrea Garcia

Angelica Miranda

Anita Parker

Anna Mietzner


Arleen Amorozo

Arlene Luck

Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services Inc.

Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.

Bank of America Foundation

Barbara Archer

Barbara Beeler

Barbara Calderone

Barbara Chase

Barbara Jansen

Barbara Maxwell

Barbara Mills

Barbara Peck

Barbara Puga

Barr Engineering

Benjamin Lemon

Bertha Sherwood Fund

Betsey Tyler

Betty Ann Reinhardt

Betty Dazey

Betty Giles

Betty Hanson

Betty Kinsel

Bill Warren

Blanche Chilcote


Bo Jue

Bob Wootton

Bruce Farrar

Bruce Hayter

Calvin Drew

Carl Wilke

Carmen Bodnar

Carmen Vergara

Carol Reynolds

Carol Scharf

Carol Shintani

Carol Turner

Carole Babcock

Carolyn Davis

CastleRock Design Group

Catherine Clarke

Catherine Plocki

Cathy Clement

Cathy May

Charlene Clark

Charles Jenkins

Charles and Joan Kaminskas

Charlie Hee

Charlie Rahilly

Chermaine Carson

Chermaine Williams

Chris Karagozian

Christina Cerrato

Chuck and Mimi Hanzel

Constance Watson

Consuelo Molina

Cornelia Fuller

Cristine Rose

Cynthia Lesch

Cynthia Quan

Cynthia Quan Trotter

Daisy Vasquez

Dale Crutcher

Daniel Corrales

Daniel Tam

David Kenney

David Wallace

David Weidert

Dawn Herbuveaux Cobb

Dedicated to Downsizing

Deisy Cardona

Delta Pilots Mutual Aid

Diana Cutler

Diana Ernandes

Diane Caron

Dolores Devey

Donald Hee

Donald and Linda Harris

Dorothy M. Booth Charitable Trust

Dorothy Nido

Dorothy Wright

Dorthy Leif

Eddie Mendoza

Edgar Wong

Edwin Franz

Eiko Mori

Eileen McConnell

Eileen Summerfelt

Elaine Ockner

Eleanor Davidson

Eleanor Tucker

Eliot and Rhoda Brody

Elizabeth Pigford

Elizabeth Sax

Emmy Kimball

Engracia Rivera

Erin Martin

Ernest M. Taber Fund

Ethel Hurst

Eve Goldin

Evelyn Danowitz

Evelyn Ortega

Fahmi Mahfuzhi

Family Giving Fund

Faraz Shadpour

Florence McCormick

Florentino Rogelio

Frances Shanks

Francis Logan

Francisco Diaz

Fred Verzo

Gabriele Seiffert

Gary Hoover

Gary Wong

Gary and Michelle Kevorkian

George Mashy

Gerald Horton

Gildon Beall

Grace Hong

Grace Laxamana

Guadalupe Contreras

Guendy Cabrera

Gwen Whitson

Harding Foundation

Harry Hathaway


Heatlh-care Advocates

Helen Kenagy

Helen McPherson

Helga Kirk

Hope Luedeke

Horst Siepmann

Howard Sachar

I.N. and Susana Van Nuys Foundation

Industrial Maintenance Service

Jack Ridl

Jack and Ronnie Raidy

Jacqueline Knowles

Jade Jeu

James Alexander

James Rothrock

James and Joanne Morse

Jane Carruthers

Jane Odell

Janet Campbell

Janet Wood

Jay Fodor

Jean Lindsay

Jean Reinhardt

Jeane Poole

Jeffrey and Susan Davidson

Jim Doyle

Jim White

Jim and Phyllis Alter

JoAnn Afusia

Joan Bull

Joan Kaminskas

Joan Ladd Brown

Joan Lowell

Joan Smith

Joan Youd

Joanne McCallum

Joanne Pineda

Jocelyn Dinh

Joel Geffen

John Herzog

John Taylor

Jones Zafari Group

Joni Wong

Joyce Alley

Joyce Cosme-Flores

Judy Buckner

Julie Jenssen

Julie Tomkin

June Beeler

Kandi Gall

Karen Amorozo

Karen Mauro

Katherine Scheifele

Keith Lee

Kenneth Lem

Kevin Mosansky

Kevin and Shari Loo

Kimberley Stephens-Woods

Kimberly Sapalu

Krista Nay

Kristin Moseman

Kristina Oganesyan

Larry Moore

Lauren Chinn-Kawano

Lea Davis

Leisure World

Leonardo Alvarez

Liliana Ramos

Lillian Rogers

Lillian Savage

Lily Hazbun

Lois Matthews

Lois VerMeulen

Loren Lavi

Lori Highleyman

Louise Allison

Lucia Maturrano

Lucie Lowery

Lucille Poole

Lucille Shaffer

Lynette Yee

Lynne and Lawrence Day

Mai Wah Jang

Maira Garcia

Maiya Penberthy

Margaret Levy

Margaret Schumacher

Margaret Thomas

Maria Asmara

Maria Jaime

Maria Lewis

Marian Middleton

Marian Radding

Maribe Robles

Marilyn Thompson

Marion Heron

Marisa Murillo Amezola

Marjorie Pettitt

Martha Padilla

Mary Ann Tiongson

Mary Capre

Mary Knowles

Mary Lam

Mary Peake

Mary Sewell

Mary Sheridan

Mary Wilson

Marylen Ruston

Matilda Hollar

May Mediano

Megan Cooper

Melody Kojima

Michael Baumann

Michelle Lahaderne

Mila Ujimori

Miles and Kelley Construction Co. Inc.

Milton and Nancy Cohen

Minnie Smith

Morrison Senior Living

MyTrang DaSilva

Nan Johnson

Nancy Goodell

Nancy Nagao

Nicholas Serna

Nicole Prescott

Night Owl Dental

Noel Ceballos

Norma Cunanan

Olivia Dysart

Pablo and Grace Crisostomo

Pamela Krupka

Patricia Hoefler

Patricia Paulson

Patricia Payson

Patricia Randel

Patricia Sexton

Patrick Lee

Patrick and Rebecca Thyne

Paul Franz

Paul Hoff

Paul Milne

Paul Stevens

Paula Reuben

Phyllis McCallum

Prescott Stevens Fund

Pyramid Foundation

Ralph Perry

Reffy Andryanty

Richard Bosel

Richard Esbenshade

Richard Gardiner

Richard Houston

Richard Quan

Richard and Melissa Patterson

Richard and Nancy Flores

Rilla Chaney

Robert Burham

Robert Cahall

Robert Herold

Robert Mapel

Robert Ringel

Robert Yee

Robert and Camille McLean

Robert and Susan Long

Robert and Virginia Payne

Roberto Aranda

Robin Gordon

Robin McCarthy

Robin Rouse

Rochelle Zagalsky

Roger and Shirley Rose

Ronald Apel

Ronald Belville

Ronald Lee

Ronald Pini

Rose Marie Baron

Rose Marie Lee

Rosemary Simmons

Rosemary Yaru

Ruby Castaloni

Russel Kully

Russell Band Fund

Ruth Dell

Salient Networks

Sally Carroll

Samuel Mayerson

Sandra Brodie

Sandy Plouffe

Santos Vera

Sara Zamora

Sharon Kelley

Sharon McGee

Sharon Pewtress

Sharon Stone

Shaun Murry

Shelley Yandell

Sherm and Marge Telleen

Sheryl Williams

Shirley Forden

Shirley Vosogh

Stacie Ocampo

Stacy Wolf

Sterling Bank & Trust

Steve and Cathi Shultz

Sulamita Diaz

Susan Hixon

Susie Shands

Suzanne Gemmell Trust

Sylvia Karl

Tahmoures Khoei

Teresa Smith

Teresita Smith

Terry Knowles

Terry Quigley

The Covington Residents Association

The Halcyon Club

The Ida Lee Open Arms Fund

The Morris Family Trust

Thomas Willis

Thomas and Virginia Somerville

Tracy Beam

Tyra Sherman

V.M. Streitenberger

Valjean Bellwood

Vera Marine

Victoria Gaytan

Victoria Wallin

Virginia Guzman

Virginia Noll

Virginia Saltonstall

Virginia Swope

Daniel Woodruff

Wallace Munden

Walter Helmig

Walter Irion

Walter Norton

Warren and Isabel Arnett

Whitney Crossman

William Donnelly

William Fraser

William Gustafson

William Hammond

William Horsfall

William Matheis

William Rosenzweig

Wilma Woods

Yuling Wong

Zemula Fleming

Zenaida Burgo

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list for the past 18 months of donations. If you find an error, please contact us at

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